When is a Full Mouth Restoration Necessary?


There are several reasons why someone might require a full mouth restoration. Decay is one of the most common. When someone fails to properly take care of their teeth the teeth will begin to rot away. It starts as a cavity and expands outwards from there. Other times, direct trauma may be the cause.

A sudden impact to the mouth, ranging anywhere from being involved in a fight to slipping and falling on the ground with the mouth coming in contact with the ground, can cause a sudden impact of the teeth, which kills off the nerve endings.

In many occasions, a root canal is performed where the pulp and nerves are extracted from the tooth, which is then injected with a color agent and closed up. Should this happen to multiple teeth though it may prove necessary to simply remove the teeth and perform the mouth reconstruction.

This also holds true for teeth that have been fractured (such as cracked or split). Teeth that have been exposed to long term acid use (such as carbonated soft drinks or a person who suffers from acid reflux). Although there are other reasons, these are some of the most common.

Full Mouth Restoration Procedure

The medical process of the full mouth reconstruction can vary from patient to patient. The dentist is going to look over every tooth to determine what the best course of action is. If the tooth is still present with a healthy root system, it might just be ground down so a veneer can be slipped over the top.

A crown or bridge might also be used. If the tooth needs to be removed, an implant is inserted. With an implant, an artificial root system is installed through the aid of a post and a replacement tooth placed over the exposed area of the post.


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